December 12th, 2022: Dollar General Grows, Walgreens’ Same Day, Etsy’s Holiday Sales, and Shopify Refreshes its App Store

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It’s December 12, 2022 and this is the Watson Weekly - your essential eCommerce Digest!

Today on our show:

  • Dollar General Adds Over 1,000 Stores and Fresh Items
  • Walgreens Launches Same Day Delivery
  • Etsy Sellers Report Inflation and Higher Fees are Hurting Their Holiday Sales
  • Shopify Refreshes the Design of Its App Store
  • and finally, The Investor Minute which contains 5 items this week from the world of venture capital, acquisitions, and IPOs.

Usual two words to Walgreens on keeping a lid on their fulfilment costs. “Drop density”.

This is for orders picked from store and delivered to customer (same day or future day).

Either you control your own drop density through your own fulfilment resource with clever scheduling software (which is what the UK grocers do, for future day delivery, typically 17 orders per truck for an 8 hour run, minimising the mileage) or you outsource the drop density to a delivery service that also does takeaway food delivery.

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Miles “Drop Density” Thomas.

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