Commercetools licensing?

I would be interested to know licensing experiences of other commercetools or mach solutions.

Not actual numbers, nothing that would be too sensitive but:

  • Metrics used to measure the license for charging, and any “breakages” in that metric (i.e. going over a planned threshold costs a lot more per unit, no refunds for underusage, similar to cellphone contracts)
  • length of license, notice periods, lockins, baked in maintenance costs
  • whether the license is granular for major functional groups (aligned to my understanding of benefits of composable architecture, i.e. can replace functionality and ideally only pay for what you are using at any point in time

No need to share names of specific vendors or enterprises if it would be too sensitive.

There is an interesting comparison I have seen between commercetools and manhattan OMS, but I think it would be useful to not bias the discussion initially, so I’m asking the open question first, but will come back with my observations later