Co-op follows Tesco and Sainsbury's with cheaper prices for loyalty scheme

  • Tesco has been running separate pricing for loyalty card holders for about a year now (two prices are shown on shelf edge where relevant; online price usually matches the loyalty price since the online account is implicitly a loyalty card account as well, as is their while label credit card and staff discount card also is a loyalty card–there is the 3 in one card available for staff which combines all 3 cards onto one plastic card.).
  • Sainsbury’s started 6 months ago–your personalised price shown in their app rather than on shelf edge (price applied at checkout when you present loyalty card)
  • Co-Op (national blue) now joining in. (Qcommerce only for online, no loyalty prices expected)
  • Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose all have some form of loyalty scheme but no loyalty prices yet (in store or online). Who knows how Amazon is pricing online grocery
  • Lidl has a loyalty scheme (but no online or loyalty pricing).
  • Aldi, Iceland don’t have Loyalty scheme, preferring EDLP pricing approach and marketing position.