China: Meet OceanBase, the data-processing powerhouse behind Alibaba Singles' Day

Since its inception, OceanBase has played an increasingly vital role in helping Alipay process Singles’ Day payments on Alibaba’s marketplaces as its capabilities evolve. In 2013, it started assisting with the data processing of Singles’ Day promotions for the first time. After successfully handling 10% of the traffic allocated by Alipay on Singles’ Day in 2014, the database began to shoulder more responsibilities: In 2016, the database smoothly supported a peak of 120,000 payments per second during the shopping season; in following year, it carried the entirety of Alipay’s traffic and set a then-database processing record of 256,000 transactions per second at peak; and a new record high of 544,000 was set in 2019.

Cool article about database technology :slight_smile:

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