China - Alibaba Kicks Off 2022’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

Alibaba Group kicked off its 11.11 Global Shopping Festival on Monday, the biggest growth engine of the year for retailers in the world’s second-largest economy.

Over 1 billion annual active consumers on Alibaba’s platforms in China will be able to peruse 17 million products. 11.11, also known as Double 11 in China, will put a spotlight on over 290,000 brands in this its 14th year, some for the first time, such as luxury brands Moncler and Ferrari.

It is important to note that Chinese marketplaces such as Alibaba and others are starting their largest shopping event 11.11 earlier and earlier.

Did I hear that their top two influencers are not present this year? @HendrikLaubscher

Rick - you heard incorrectly. Viya is still in the time-out corner whilst Lipstick Man is back.

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