Checkers Supermarket (South Africa) advertises to ex-pats in Australia, UK with price comparison advert

Spotted the double page spread in the London Evening Standard yesterday (decent advert spend), prompting me to look this up online. An example of the Australian version of the ad is lower down at the link above, the UK version has comparisons with Aldi, Waitrose, M&S, Tesco (M&S, Waitrose is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel for a comparison, Aldi and Tesco is fairer)

I expect that this may have also been run in some UK national papers, probably the “red top” tabloids such as the Daily Mail, Express, Sun, Mirror, maybe the Metro (free sister paper to the Mail) and the i (sister national paper to the Standard)

Checkers seems to offer qcommerce (limited range within 60 minutes from limited stores) but not full ecommerce (unless you know different @HendrikLaubscher?)

Two left-field marketing campaigns in one week!

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200 locations with 15k SKU availability that leverages local purchase insights.

Checkers offers online shopping for wine and offers wholesale to customers and businesses.