ChannelAdvisor Customer Advisory Board London 13 June

Hello all

I have been invited (belatedly) to ChannelAdvisor Customer Advisory Board in London (13 June).

My company, New Look (UK based mass market apparel/footwear, predominantly Women/Girls) have been using ChannelAdvisor in various use cases over several years, currently to enable sales on Zalando marketplace in Europe

Has anyone else been to one of these? What can I expect? It would be interesting to see the impact of ChannelAdvisor being acquired by Commercehub.

I will write a summary (subject to any restrictions on confidentiality, which may be entire, or may be very high level thematic only evidenced by material already public on the internet).

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Days out with suppliers is very much my theme for next week, also have a day out with a major HR/WFM/Payroll/Recruitment/Talent supplier on the 14th, but that’s not especially of interest here!

I would love to see it @Miles_Thomas. I wonder if you will see @Marshall at this event :wink:

I doubt it will be too much different post-CommerceHub than pre-CommerceHub acquisition.
If it is different, it is likely more because of downsizing that may have happened due to belt-tightening that every company is doing.

No, I will not be there. I was not even aware it was happening, and believe it is much more business-focused than technical-focused (though sometimes I get invited to those as well with my background and experience). I would expect it’s a conversation to introduce people to each other, and then like many of these in the past have been to collect feedback as well as present new feature/functionality as well as potentially something around future plans. And as always, if people have ideas/suggestions/pain points you’re welcome to send them along to me even if it’s not my specific area. I can try to help out, suggest alternative ideas, get contacts, or the other, but I will warn that I’m crazy busy with a number of things right now so it’s harder to find time to respond than I used to be able to find in my schedule.

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It has been a few years since I attended one (or was invited). Pre-IPO ChannelAdvisor put on great events. Post-IPO ChannelAdvisor… well, let’s just say the budget realities were more obvious. Post-CHUB acquisition CA? Time will tell.

With that said, what I remember most was the range of topics teed up to get feedback from the CAB, the varying ways clients used the tool, both the differences and similarities people had as challenges despite wildly different business models or verticals, and some solid feedback from the group around the direction of proposed initiatives–both strategically and tactically.

It was definitely worth my time. Enjoy!


I should have mentioned–I have been to this type of event before with other suppliers, just not CA.

Top of my list is how can ChannelAdvisor help retailers with forthcoming product sustainability reporting requirements in the EU, especially Product Passport (Full details of product origin, scope1-3 Co2 emissions i.e. material, manufacture, transport & packaging waste, available for 2 years after product off-sales.)