Canada Goose to double physical footprint over the next 5 years

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Link: Canada Goose to double physical footprint over the next 5 years | Retail Dive

Rick’s Take

  • $3B is a good-sized brand by 2028.
  • Operating 51 stores today and doubling that in the next 5 years is a significant but not crazy investment.
  • This reads like a well-run business to me if they are planning expansion.

they are well run - they continue do the right things at the right time

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I learned something new today. Canada Goose is majority owned by Bain Capital.

In 2013, Canada Goose had $150M in revenue. In 2022, it just crossed $1B. In 5 years, the plan is $3B.

It seems realistic. And all under private equity’s watch who kept the CEO who was installed in 2001 in place as part of its takeover.

This is a more interesting story than I thought.

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I think there is a quiet push for various investors into high end and high midmarket fashion, taking the view that such brands might be somewhat recession proof (up to the point where people with large Loan to Salary/Loan to Value mortgages on fixed deals have to re-mortgage at a higher rate).

Related example: the recent acquisition of Ted Baker by Authentic Brands Group (ABG has a mixture of fashion brands–wholesale and retail–and also brand rights for celebrity estates like Mohammed Ali)

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And an interesting explainer video on the CG brand

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