Boxed finds itself boxed in and strapped for cash

Online retailer Boxed’s board of directors is considering “strategic alternatives” that include a possible sale of the company, according to a Thursday morning press release.
Link: Boxed considers selling itself amid cash crunch | Grocery Dive

The company needs to sell itself desperately but is there enough value for someone to pick up?
They are somewhat of a strategic mess.

The original original Boxed vision I liked. Mobile wholesale club without the membership. Problem is, profitability and the progress of everyone else. Sams and Costco are killers.

Then they pivoted everywhere. What does Boxed mean anymore?
Not seeing a ton of strategic options.

I agree with mobile wholesale club as being a long term play but we are learning that Sam’s and Costco has real moats. Sam’s is without a doubt one of the most underappreciated e-commerce businesses that is crushing it.

I fear for Boxed.

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Wholesale clubs can keep raising membership. No one is leaving. That is powerful.

I am not sure even Amazon has that big a moat.