Black Friday sales rake in a record $9.12 billion from online shoppers

Black Friday sales raked in a record $9.12 billion from online shoppers this year despite concerns of inflation and higher prices, according to estimates. The $9.12 billion figure is up from $8.92 billion in 2021 and $9.03 billion the previous year, according to Adobe Analytics.
Link: Black Friday racks in record $9.12 billion from online shoppers : NPR

Not surprised at all - I was seeing deals all over the place. Consumers could buy plenty - the bigger question is how does the rest of BFCM perform.

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Internet, Everywhere–(Newsfile Corp. - November 26, 2022) - Shopify Inc. (NYSE, TSX: SHOP), a provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, announced a record-setting Black Friday with sales of $3.
Link: Cha-Ching! Shopify Merchants Break Black Friday Records with $3.36 Billion in Sales

Frankly I have not read any Black Friday reports that came across to me as “actual good news.”

Most Cyber press should read:
“By far the biggest shopping day of the year is slightly down with lower profits reported this year, after accounting for the impacts of inflation.”

Guess I am the Black Friday bear?

Would love to see a stat breaking down CPA / Increase in overall marketing revenue to garner this revenue increase YOY. UK / EMEA campaigns have been the most aggressive I’ve ever witnessed.


Seems underwhelming.
“Record sales” should be required to be at least like 15% growth to qualify!


Are you suggesting that publicly traded companies are using PR to spin a positive message? No, that can’t be true!

Joking aside, this really a story of (thankfully) keeping the floor boards in place rather than building a new ceiling. And honestly, that’s ok all things considered (certainly could have been worse). But that silver lining playbook doesn’t sound nearly as good in a press announcement.

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Everyone does it. I mean everyone! It’s funny to watch sometimes.

We have momentum!
Why do we have momentum?
We did a press release!

Then we put the number of press releases last quarter as a KPI in our investor board decks!

100% PR is largely used to communicate progress (material or not) and as a demonstration of success.

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Cyber Monday 25% higher than Black Friday this year.

Last year, Cyber Monday was 20% higher than Black Friday. People are going bananas about Cyber Monday results.