BigCommerce 3rd Quarter performance

I like BC - their approach is a little hit and miss at times, but making some nice strategic moves.

Business Highlights - taking on the nordics in a way no one. Strong, affluent population. They have a strong affiliation with the hardware industry in the UK. This is a market going the same route that Automotive took and have agred to build a universal catalogue like Tecdoc. It brings all parties to the table with the same motivation. Strategically, that should be their next move. Also, they are increasingly targeting soccer clubs.

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Dropped this on their earnings this morning:

I tend to think they will be taken private.


I’ve been trying to list on the bigcommerce app store for 6mths.

The user experience is awful and support non existent. It’s the only platform I’ve used so far where I actually prefer seller central.

Ot will be a take private and they probably need to do a twitter.

Hey Tony - I knwo the EU team pretty well. Happy to make an intro - but that SC comment - ouch !!

They vinny. That would be greatly appreciated, if you could connect me with the team there.

Yeah I know that last comment was pretty rough :joy: