Augmented Reality for Wallpaper, in a Home Goods Retailer etc

Looking for a software vendor to help a design-oriented company with a few different types of use cases:

The retailer is selling things like wallpaper and home decor, pictures etc.

  • Taking a picture of a wall and placing wallpaper on it.
  • taking a picture of a wall and putting a picture/picture frame on it…
  • draperies on a window

Anyone worked with vendors in this space? @kathyaronson

I found a few. One in particular going to check out is ThreeKit.

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Also made a list of the findings here:

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Hi friends. I have not worked directly with one of these technology partners. However, I reached out to some folks in my network and will report back.

On a side note, if you are looking for 3D assembly instructions, add to your list Bilt,

Best Always,

Thank you so much Kathy! That is a cool app Bilt.

One more vendor shared by my network:

Hi, Rick

May be worth checking out Plop. I work closely with the team and would be happy to make any intros if you want to pick their brain about AR in E-Commerce.