Auctane Expands Portfolio through Acquisition of the Return Rabbit

Aggregation owner of Shipstation, Metapack expands into obviously adjacent area. (Metapack also has an offering). Creates another competitor in a growing market (to e.g. Zigzag.)

Usually Auctane’s strategy is to acquire companies that allow them to generate more shipping labels.

Return Rabbit can’t have many customers, and if they do they are very small. Where will the label volume come from? @Krish_Iyer

I think streamlining returns using a portal solution that generates labels (rather than including a return label in the parcel) is a naturally growing area.

My own company (New Look) is moving to 100% paid returns using a return label portal; free returns to store but customer still needs a return label from the portal (and the return is not unpacked in store, it is scanned for tracking and is expedited back to centre within 2 days)

I’m sure Krish would know better than I but there have been major changes at Auctane this year from a people/org perspective including leadership so a new strategy may be coming from those changes.

Krish knows all
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