April 24th, 2023: Amazon’s shareholder letter, the recent retails sales report, the Shopify collaboration, and David’s Bridal enters bankruptcy

So, given that Tesco failed to being it’s own fresh C-store format to the US in the mid 2000’s, Amazon hired a Tesco person to try and make progress with a similar format for Amazon?

There are two common points here:

  • Opening a limited selection supermarket in the US is a long hard road. Not impossible (ALDI does OK), but hard and takes a long time to get to scale and profitability.
    LIDL is also finding this out.
    Why would Amazon expect to do any better?
  • Tesco doesn’t have a magic bullet to make this journey go any faster better.
    (Not faulting Tesco here exactly: Tesco is a good operator various formats from 500sqm convenience through to 5000sqm although not as efficient labourwise as ALDI/LIDL and tends to carry a broader range and implement better store experience. Hoggett has experience)
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