April 17th, 2023: Amazon adds fees, Dollar General’s new partner, Inventory glut and supply chain costs, and changes in consumer shipping preferences

Consumer shipping preferences. There is a groundswell of opinion (with some evidence) that people want shipping that is (in priority)

  • Cheap
  • Definite ETA & transparent (detailed tracking/proactive alerting). PUDO options (lockers and stores) also play into this
  • Fast (but not necessarily at the expense of cheap or definite ETA)
  • Sustainable–few boxes, less mileage, PUDO options (important, but last)

For many people, for sectors other than grocery, Prime addresses Cheap, Definite ETA/Transparent, and Fast (enough). The bundling of a streaming offer (and some digital media discounts) within Prime will be the primary benefit for many, with a good shipping option for cheap ticking the above boxes.

Validation of this: which streaming services are loosing the most members?