Amazon must pay over $30 million over claims it invaded privacy with Ring and Alexa

I’m sure it was an “honest mistake”!

Ah, the classic ‘honest mistake’ defense, where ‘oops’ meets 'I totally knew what I was doing!

I would expect and hope that EU and UK go for “me too” fines under GDPR. Maybe not to the full 4% of global revenue maximum, but 1% of global revenue would certainly fund the relevant agencies for a few years

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Do they even notice $30M? Probably something like a rounding error compared to what they’ve generated from these devices alone. If there are any, the percentage-based GDPR ones might be much more significant and actually cause business practices to change. It’s not like this is the first time, between God Mode at Uber and multiple reports from Facebook. The other challenge is that sometimes that data is useful to help diagnose problems and improve the products, but there’s no defense for keeping something that you’ve been told to delete or told your users you weren’t going to retain.

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