Amazon Multichannel Fulfillment (MCF) App Now on Shopify: What Does It Mean?

Well, it looks like the discussions between Amazon and Shopify are bearing some fruit, as Amazon just released its native MCF app for Shopify.

  • Unlike Buy With Prime, MCF is just a 3PL and Amazon as a carrier. There is no Prime and no payment involved. So it acts like any other 3PL.

  • Because there’s a native app, it’s easy to integrate.

  • Ability to map your Shopify shipping methods to Amazon’s shipping options using a 1-1 mapping.

  • Ability to map your SKUs to Amazon SKUs. Unclear if you are adding SKUs all that time how easy this is to keep up with.

Some limitations that appear:

  • Only for the US today. Only one inventory location is supported per item today.

The big question I have is about the fee structure. Is MCF suitable for any type of item or only fast-moving items? Curious your thoughts @GeorgeWescott @Harshida

Check it out here: Amazon MCF: US Fulfillment - Use Amazon fulfillment for Shopify Orders with Amazon | Shopify App Store

MCF, when launched, may have been better for certain products…but Buy with Prime utilizes MCF now, and they don’t discriminate on product type