Amazon joins India-backed e-commerce initiative that’s seeking to challenge the retail giant

Amazon is joining the Indian government-backed e-commerce initiative that seeks to “democratize” online shopping in the South Asian market and amusingly challenge the very dominance of companies such as the American retail group.
Link: Amazon joins Indian e-commerce initiative that seeks to challenge Amazon | TechCrunch

It’s unclear who bears the responsibility if a customer doesn’t get their order delivered, for instance. And unlike UPI, which saw New Delhi aggressively promote the digital payments network, ONDC has received little public praise and support.

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It would be interesting of this links up to the original metro q-commerce solution, the Dabbawal network Dabbawala - Wikipedia (These take lunches cooked fresh in homes to working people in offices, using individually owned/named reusable “tiffin boxes”, with the food still warm on arrival.)

Now imagine the same network offering fulfilment to office/home of digital orders from small shops.