Amazon getting closer to robotic “holy grail”

It’s difficult to say exactly how Amazon’s use of robots will impact the future, as it depends on the specific ways in which the company chooses to use them. However, in general, the use of robots in industries like e-commerce and logistics can improve efficiency and productivity, potentially leading to lower prices for consumers and increased profits for businesses. Additionally, the use of robots can potentially lead to job displacement for some workers, which could have social and economic impacts. However, it’s also possible that the use of robots could create new job opportunities in fields like robotics engineering and maintenance. Overall, the impact of Amazon’s use of robots will likely be complex and multifaceted.

I think we are beyond talking about job displacement at least in the short term.

The jobs are open and no one wants them.
Amazon is paying for college for warehouse workers. It’s quite remarkable, really.

It’s amazing what is being accomplished in robotics now.


The gap Amazon has with its peers related to the use of robotics should concern competitors. I see more automation for most logistics operators in the near future unless you have access to cheap labor like Asia.

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I agree @rickwatson my sense is that they are beyond the point of concern relative to displaced workers.

They certainly have given people a pretty fair shot from my perspective

It’s time for the next chapter for not only Amazon and also the government to figure out what will actually work and benefit customers