A tale of two (UK) takeaway delivery/qcommerce operators

Recent results from UK/European giant JustEat and UK native Deliveroo (Deliveroo is also a picking/delivery provider for some same day ecommerce deliveries including grocery qcommerce)

JustEat: Order volume drops again, exploring sale to Grubhub

Just Eat: Takeaway delivery giant’s shares rise over 10 per cent despite reporting a drop in orders

Deliveroo: Orders increasing in UK, working towards profitability, closing Australia and Netherlands operations. Ongoing relationship with CoOp (blue national) for qcommerce grocery in select cities.

Deliveroo: UK orders pass £1bn mark as takeaway giant remains upbeat about 2023

For context, in the UK takeaway delivery market, JustEat is clearly the largest, with Deliveroo and UberEats jostling to be No. 2/3 with 20%+ market share each (and self delivery by restaurants now a distant third).

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I am increasingly bearish on food delivery - as customers are likely going to be doing take-out less in the current economic climate. Who is going to buy Grubhub Mr. Groen? for me that feels like a pipedream.

It is worth noting that both JustEat and Deliveroo closed markets in Q4.

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