5 takeaways from the MACH Alliance catchup in London (23 Feb)

  1. Be prepared to sell MACH to the C-suite, as it is a big change with no straightforward immediate improvement to financial metrics…but
  2. You can do MACH by stealth, replacing your current ecosystem of components piecemeal as contracts come up for renewal
  3. MACH concept will ask a lot of your procurement and legal teams–more suppliers, more contracts, and some will need to “arrive” at the same time
  4. A good MACH partner will be able to work with multiple choices across the MACH ecosystem, and help you select the right choice for each box. Beware of partners wanting to offer a “cookie cutter” approach with only one choice in each of the boxes
  5. Where are the MACH enabled ERP solutions?

Thank you. That is all.

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I think it is hard for most companies cannot do MACH by stealth, unless these are small components without a 6 figure budget behind them. I guess it’s possible, but if you are $500M+ company, there may be too many controls in place to be able to do that. Security, Infosec, Data, Procurement…

I couldn’t agree more with this, which is why I wonder how you can be stealthy with procurement, except around the edges ;-). The first thing they are going to ask for is the budget code, and the PO number. The second thing they are going to ask for is the executive team member who has signing authority.

Good question, I don’t know!

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Well, I just found out that Gartner has a name for composable in the workforce management space: CHAF (Composable HR application Framework).

It’s on the Gartner hype cycle for WFM (High benefit, low maturity)

WFM is very important to retailers with stores and also to big warehouse operators/distributers, both industries with large hourly workforces with high turnovers.